What We Do

Renovation and maintenance of homes and real estate.

We are good business partners. During our years of renovation work, we established a strong network with real estate companies. Now we use our experience to your advantage. If you are looking for a company which can realize fast renovations of rental houses, apartment flipping, or somebody who takes care of the maintenance of your property, we are here for you.

Remember that maintaining the building is more cost efficient then ad hoc repairs (which we also offer). That’s why we can take care of the maintenance of your real estate in the Hague or the rest of the Netherlands.

Hardwood or laminate flooring including proper insulation.

Most newly purchased homes do not have floors. Why do Dutch houses come without floors? This is a very common question. Due to this question, we as Pro Contractors pay a lot of attention to this field of expertise. We are always up to date. It doesn’t matter what kind of floor you would like to have. Hardwood, parquet or laminate, we always offer good prices. Of course besides selling these products, we are also recommended floor installers.

Remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms, including tiling, custom made cabinets, marble floors and other surfaces.

Kitchen remodeling? New bathroom? Tiles? Marble floors? Custom made cabinets?
Our team can realize it all. 

Our Kitchen & Bathroom team consists of professionals only. We, as a reliable company, guarantee 100 % satisfaction. We have experience in renovating all types of kitchens and bathrooms. Our custom made cabinets are enjoyed by many customers in Voorburg, Nootdorp, the Hague and Wassenaar.

Painting of all types of interior, decoration of walls and applying wallpaper. Wall insulation.

Do you know how to completely change your interior without spending all your savings?

Let us paint your walls. We will prepare the walls by removing any damage on the wall before painting it with high quality paint. 

If just color is not enough, let us install wallpaper in your living room or bedroom.

Don’t forget about wall insulation! Installing proper insulation is the key to save money and be more eco friendly. If you don’t know what company can help you with insulating your walls in an old Dutch style tenement house - Pro Contractors is the answer.

Extension of houses and reallocation of rooms

We are all looking for space. Especially in cities like the Hague, where old buildings provide great opportunities for expansion. It doesn’t matter if you want to realize an extra bedroom on your terrace or balcony, enlarge your living room, or add an extra floor. We can help you with all these construction projects. 

Home expansion and enlargement of the building is only one way of creating extra space. The second option is the reallocation of existing rooms. You can realize a kitchen in your living room or change your bedroom into a bathroom or a toilet. We do this every day! We can do this for you too. 

However, you will be just as pleased if you will let us change your garage into a comfortable and stylish studio, or your basement into a beauty salon or your personal gym.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and electricity.

We all need these services. Can you imagine a renovation without a new HVAC installation? This is not how you want to prepare your new apartment after buying it either. It doesn’t always have to be a total replacement. Changes like the relocation of electric sockets or lighting and relocating sanitary spots in bathrooms are the most common changes. 

However, when you obtain an older building, complete rewiring is a must!